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Switch direct deposits at millions of employers in near real-time utilizing business process automation, radically reducing the time it takes for your account holders to switch direct deposit accounts.

How it Works

Select your employer in the search bar.

Login to your payroll account.

Hold tight while our automation does the work for you.

Your switch is complete. It is really that easy!

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About ClickSWITCH

ClickSWITCH can help your financial institution to make switching direct deposits and automatic payments easy, capture more deposits, rapidly and consistently gain new primary account holders and increase profitability.

Our Mission

ClickSWITCH’s mission is to empower consumer choice while enabling competitive, profitable financial institutions. The company’s goal is to help financial institutions automate the process of switching financial accounts. ClickSWITCH removes the hassle for consumers by stopping the stress, paperwork, research and most importantly the time required to switch to a new bank or credit union.